Course Description

Do you want to learn real world self defense and develop a FUNCTIONAL skill that could save your life?

Do you carry or thinking about carrying an Edged Weapon on you daily?

If you answered YES, then THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!!!

This course is designed to give you a real world functional, usable, repeatable skill set. We not only teach you techniques, but you will also learn drills, training methods, mindsets, and a downloadable reference guide for your notes.

Our Defensive Edged Weapons Programs have been featured in nearly a dozen publications world-wide, and go beyond any other edged weapons training course on the market. We've taught this course to civilian, military and law enforcement personnel around the globe!

Our course is broken down into a progressive, easy-to-follow, and simple method which allows you to truly learn the information. We take the time to show you the details you'll need for each component and teach you how to be successful every step of the way. It is just like being in the classroom with Nik Farooqui in person!


The online courses thru S2 Strategic Defense

and the S2 Online Academy aren't the typical video courses. Many of the courses sold in the self defense market are based on entertaining the crowd with flashy high speed tactics that simply don't work, but look great on video!

This course, like any S2 Strategic courses are solely focused on educating! We will take you through a progression step-by-step to help you develop a real skill. Our HD videos and high quality audio are a compliment to the high level of teaching and training methods. Take a look at the course curriculum and you'll see that we provide you with every tool to be successful!


  • Every chapter begins by explaining what you will learn, and why it is important.
  • A full featured Training Manual that has in depth notes that you can study
  • HD Videos showing you every step, step-by-step directions.
  • Access to our Closed Group Facebook page
  • Access to Live Video Q and A sessions and lessons
  • Techniques, Tactics and Science that is proven in the world
  • Instructor with over 20 years in teaching experience guiding you the entire way
  • A community of great people that are available online to help you
  • Drills that you can practice by yourself or with a partner
  • A progression that takes you from zero to success in easy to follow instructions
  • Easily reached instructor that is always there to help!


S2 Strategic Defense has built global community of students! Between our clients in law enforcement, martial arts, military, corporate environments and everyday citizens...we have a family! We want to interact with you, train with you, learn with you, and succeed with you. Join our Closed Group social media and stay in touch with everyone!

Our Closed Group on Facebook has articles, check ins, events, meet ups, live video sessions, and so much more that is sure to make you feel like you are in our training academy. Only students get access to this group and you are one of the exclusive!


You will learn in depth aspects of:

  • Range and Distance
  • A Fighting Base
  • Importance of Combative Structure
  • Footwork
  • The Anatomy of Blades
  • Blade Selection
  • Blade System Basics
  • Grip Methods
  • (3) Guard Positions
  • Dynamics of Blade Movement
  • Defense and Entry Methods
  • Secrets To Supercharge Your Skills
  • Training By Yourself
  • Training With A Partner
  • And Much More

This course is FULL of valuable information given to you in high quality video/audio format so you can access it anywhere in the world, 24/7, and from any device with internet connection.


With cutting edge technology, we are able to build a global community and bring you LIVE Access to our admins, staff, and even the instructors!

With your Lifetime access to our Closed Group Facebook page you'll be a part of and elite community!

  • Live Sessions every 2 weeks with Nik Farooqui
  • Q and A session
  • Admin that is hand trained by S2 Strategic Defense
  • Exclusive live feeds
  • Tips and Articles on training, drilling, and development
  • Exclusive Offers on Training Events and Seminars

WAIT! There's more!!! With our staff travelling throughout the U.S and Internationally, you will have access to our Meet Ups! We'll be training, networking, and interacting with you face to face!

We also host seminars, camps, retreats and so many amazing events for you to be a part of! Ask our clients about the 3 Day Retreat we held on a cruise ship as we made our way to the Bahamas!

Course curriculum


5 star rating

Very clear and beneficial

Robert Schmoldt

I have trained with Nik, a lot and he is one of the best instructors no matter what your skill level is whether your training Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Knife, Braz...

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I have trained with Nik, a lot and he is one of the best instructors no matter what your skill level is whether your training Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Knife, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, pistol he knows that some people are skilled or have trained before and first timers never training in a particular skill. He knows how to level the playing field so all can understand and still can bring a great learning experience. AWESOME

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5 star rating

A Cutting Edge Course!

Martin Fransham

Nik brings a lot to the table in this course. What I like most about it is that Nik breaks each element and lets you know when you are developing Functional ...

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Nik brings a lot to the table in this course. What I like most about it is that Nik breaks each element and lets you know when you are developing Functional Techniques vs. Personal development. I also appreciated that he focused on defensive aspect of the knife stressing that none of the "fancy" worked if you couldn't keep yourself safe. He is a great instructor and I look forward to the next spot course.

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CEO and Director of Training Operations

Nik Farooqui

Nik Farooqui is globally respected instructor in the Defensive Tactics and Firearms industry as well as the martial arts community. He has been teaching and training to civilians, corporate, law enforcement, and military personnel for nearly 20 years. Nik's work has also been featured in several international publications including SWAT Magazine, BlackBelt Magazine and many others.