Here we have listed several of the most common questions asked. If you have a question about our courses that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] and one of our staff will be back in touch shortly.

Q: Can I learn from an online course?

A: YES! Our online courses provide you with all of the information you need and more! We attach the training manual, dozens of easy to follow videos with the details, quizzes to make sure you comprehend each chapter, and training drills you can do solo or with a partner. Only thing you need is the flight time of simply doing what we show you.

Q: What experience level is required?

A: The Level One courses are designed to take someone from the ground up. There is plenty of content there for advanced practitioners as well. The teaching method is focused on helping anyone develop a real world skill set using our platform and methodology.

Q: I am new and not sure what course to begin with.

A: All students are encouraged to begin with the FAST Level One-Part 1 Course. This course sets the standard for all classes subsequent, and focuses heavily on establishing the fundamentals needed.

Q: Do you offer Instructor Level Courses?

A: Yes. Our Instructor Level Courses are reserved for the clients who own an academy and their staff. At the time, we do not offer online courses for Instructorship Courses, and offer them only in our instructor's camps that we host at one of our locations, or you may also host. Please contact us direct for details at [email protected]

Q: What if I want to continue my training?

A: Each course offers training methods that you can utilize to continually improve. We are also planning for additional courses to add to the menu. If you'd like to get the most out of your training, we offer packages that included 1) Video Review and Feedback 2) Live Video Training 3) Host us for a seminar 4) Schedule an in-person lesson with Nik and of course we encourage our clients to be a part of the Facebook Closed Group and attend the Live Sessions held by Nik Farooqui

Q: Will you be sharing the Law Enforcement or Military Curriculum on the S2 Online Academy?

A: No. If those platforms become available on here, we will make them accessible for LE and Military personnel ONLY.

Q: Is this martial arts training?

A: Martial Arts have a very dear place in our lives. However, the courses on the S2 Online Academy are not about martial arts, they are about a real world application.

Q: What if I have specific questions not answered in the course?

A: You can always email us directly at [email protected] with your question. We will try to answer the question as soon as possible. Another great option is to join our Facebook Closed Group (for clients only) and ask the questions there.

Q: Can I attend one of your seminars in my area after taking this course?

A: Yes! We place the upcoming seminars that are open to the public on our main Facebook page, and on the home page for S2 Strategic Defense. You can stay in touch with us from there. Just find us on Facebook at S2 Strategic Defense or on our home page at