Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Kali and This Course

    • Anatomy Of The Weapon (Stick and Double Stick)

    • Course Notes and Syllabus

  • 2

    Base and Footwork

    • Base And Structure For Weapons

    • Male And Female Triangle Footwork and WHY You Need These

    • Hourglass Pattern Footwork To Help You Combine

    • Linear Footwork- Moving Straight Fwd, Back, Side To Side

    • Star Pattern- Combined Footwork with Variants

  • 3

    Fundamental Strikes and Angles

    • 12 Angles Of Attack Explained

    • Equis And Combined Patterns

    • Crosada (Cross Pattern)

    • Redonda- Circular Strikes

    • Abaniko- The Fan

    • Floretes- Flower Bud

    • Sonketes- Thrusting

    • Witik And Lobtik- Retracting vs Follow Thru Strikes

    • Aldubus- Inverted Figure 8

  • 4

    Important Discussion and Training Notes

    • Notes On Training- Management Requires Measurement

    • Methodology And Organizing Training- Taking Notes and Expanding Combinations

  • 5

    Combinations and Drills

    • Carrenza-9

    • Pro Tip For Carrenza-10

    • 3 Count Variations

    • Single Stick To Double Stick

    • Breaking Sticks

    • Six Count Equis

    • 12 Count Basic

    • Sinnawali Essentials

    • Sinnawali Elevations

    • Sinnawali Expanded

    • Double Stick Carrenza

    • 3 Ranges Vs Stick Anatomy

  • 6

    Closing Thoughts

    • Notes On Sparring

    • Closing Thoughts

What's In This Course

Interested in learning Kali/Arnis/Eskrima but not sure where to get started? This course is the perfect course for you!!!

In this course, we will teach you the fundamentals and essential information you will need to kick-start your Kali training! We break down the information in an  easy to follow, step-by-step manner so you get the right information to help you build real skills.  We also discuss the finer details, applications, along with teaching you how to get the most out of your training. 

We cover techniques, drills, solo and double stick training, along with giving you methods to organize your knowledge base, build your own combinations and drills, and much more! 

We Got You Covered

Here is what you will get inside the course!

  • Base and Structure For Weapons

  • Essential Footwork Patterns and Drills

  • Individual Weapons Striking and Manipulations

  • Combination Strikes and Applications

  • Single and Double Stick Methods

  • Key Training Drills To Build Skills FAST!

  • How To Train SOLO

Meet Your Instructor

Nik Farooqui

Nik Farooqui is a globally respected instructor specializing in Defensive Tactics, Firearms, and Law Enforcement Training and has been published dozens of times in a variety of international magazines, articles, and also serves as a subject matter expert. But that doesn't tell you the full story! 

Nik Farooqui has been involved with the martial arts community from a young age like many other instructors. In 1997, Nik got involved with Jeet Kune Do and Kali and found his truest love in martial arts. 

In 1999 he began teaching as an assistant instructor, in 2001 that evolved into running (2) academies as the lead instructor.  In 2007 he opened his first academy and by 2014 he owned/operated (4) Jeet Kune Do and Kali academies in the Chicagoland area. 

While running his academies, Nik was also teaching seminars to martial arts students in 19 states and 4 countries. His popularity came from his in-depth knowledge, practical applications,  and concise method of teaching. 

In 2017 Nik moved from Chicago, IL to Dallas, TX and has focused on seminars, private training camps, and exclusive training sessions!