Learn REAL Self Defense Training FAST

Real World Self Defense Training on Demand.

FAST Self Defense Course- Level One

by Nik Farooqui

What Will You Learn

Do you want to learn real world self defense and develop a FUNCTIONAL skill that could save your life?

Do you want to do that without spending thousands of dollars and a 3-5 year commitment to a martial arts academy that may or may not even be qualified to teach you self defense?

This course is the core course for the FAST (Fast Acquisition Self Defense Tactics) Program. Here we will be teaching you all of the components you will need to develop a comprehensive self defense skill. We will also give you our FAST Formula for self defense and teach you how to get an INSTANT advantage on any attacker despite size, speed, strength.

This course is designed to give you a real world functional, usable, repeatable skill set. We not only teach you techniques, but you will also learn drills, training methods, mindsets, and a downloadable reference guide for your notes. The FAST Program is the most comprehensive online learning course menu on the market!

Our course is broken down into a progressive, easy-to-follow, and simple method which allows you to truly learn the information. We take the time to show you the details you'll need for each component and teach you how to be successful every step of the way. It is just like being in the classroom with Nik Farooqui in person!


You will learn in depth aspects of:

  • Range and Distance
  • A Fighting Base and Structure
  • Importance of Combative Structure
  • Footwork and Mapping
  • Primary Defenses
  • Primary Offenses
  • FAST Combinations
  • FAST Formula
  • The FAST Matrix
  • Developing YOUR FAST Gameplan
  • How to Train with FAST forever!
  • Defeating ANY Attacker
  • Training By Yourself
  • Training With A Partner
  • Types of Sparring
  • And Much More

This course is FULL of valuable information given to you in high quality video/audio format so you can access it anywhere in the world, 24/7, and from any device with internet connection.


Our courses aren't just regular online courses, we provide you an entire TOOLBOX for success!

  • All HD Videos and Audio S2 Group Training
  • Step by Step Training Videos
  • 24/7 Access from any mobile device/tablet
  • A Complete Training Manual with detailed content
  • Access to our Closed Group Facebook Page with Live Sessions, Q/A, Tips, Articles and an entire community
  • Access to MeetUps with FREE Training when we are in your city S2 Strategic Defense
  • Bonus material to keep you training!
  • Special Offers on Events and Gear
  • Automatically entered into raffles and giveaways
  • Training Tips and Articles emailed directly to you!
    S2 Strategic Defense
  • And Much More

Have you ever seen an online training program that offers this level of value, quality, and support? The S2 Online Academy is the ONLY resource offering this!


  • Get support from our staff to start your own Affiliate Training Group
  • Get EXCLUSIVE Invites to our training camps, seminars, and events
  • Special Access to our S2 Retreats in exotic locations like a on cruise ship, or the Bahamas, and other amazing events!

Meet The Founder

Nik Farooqui, and industry leading instructor

S2 Strategic Defense has a network of specialized instructors with real world experience. Our staff and network includes and hand selected cadre of

  • Military Special Operations Veterans
  • SWAT Team Officers
  • Fugitive Recovery Team Members
  • Rapid Deployment and Hostage Rescue Team Members
Nik Farooqui

CEO / Director / Instructor

My name is Nik Farooqui and I am the CEO/Director of Training Operations for S2 Strategic Defense. I’ve been involved with training for nearly 30 years and teaching for over 20 years. In my career I’ve owned 4 martial arts academies, taught 250+ seminars in 16 states and 4 countries, worked with over 100 law enforcement agencies, provide training platforms to corporate executives and Fortune 500 companies, been featured in dozens of magazines, and in simple terms…Teaching and Training is what I do best.

With an overwhelming request for my training and time, I wanted to design a platform to not only provide you with access to a few our most popular courses, taught in progression that is proven to work, give each student and entire toolbox of resources, and build a real community.

The S2 Online Academy took me nearly 3 years to design and implement because I didn’t want to just produce video courses with high speed information that doesn’t work, I wanted to produce courses that actually give my clients quality information and the right training methods for success. Afterall, you are taking the time and resources to learn from our programs, I owe it to each client to provide them the best information possible.

The core value of all things S2 Strategic Defense/S2 Online Academy is to always keep the client’s demands as the top priority. That means we can’t “entertain” you with training that doesn’t apply to your lifestyle, but “educate” you with proven techniques, tactics, and training methods that you can use everyday!


They’re the results you can expect

The course was well put together and very well educated. Anyone can learn from this, and really gain a skill as long as they take time out to actually watch, study, and do the drills that Nik shows. I recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn a realistic approach to self defense. Nik does a great job taking your thru every step of the program!

Jeffrey Beard

This was my second experience with an Online Class and it is a really great product. I wanted to get all the way through the course before giving it a review even though I loved it from the start. Sometimes, polish is only applied to the front half of a course but I am happy to say that in this case it was maintained all the way through. Student Review: If you are new to Martial Arts or don't have a lot of experience this is a great program. It will walk you through the basics and get you up to speed with solid techniques and mindsets to help you survive. The progression is perfectly built upon, one piece after the other to help you grow and develop new skills. Instructors Review: If you teach and are looking for a great program that you can bring to your school this is it. With a fully downloadable and printable training manual this program offers you a comprehensive way to start building up new students. Any program that can be taken from a personal perspective and then adapted to be a teachable class is amazing. We will be adding it with our new students. Overall, this is a great program and a great value. Throw in the fact that Nik personally checked up on me and you get to join a Facebook Group that live streams sessions and an engaged instructor it is amazing. Most online courses are purchase and watch at your leisure. Nik's course is an interactive training environment that challenges you but also opens doors to a whole new world of training. Martin Fransham

Martin Fransham

5 Stars. Great class. There are multiple reasons for 5 stars. The organization and presentation is excellent and comparable to the best online classes I have taken for work and continuing educational topics. Detailed notes are provided in the form of a PDF. These are complete and better than you would take yourself at a seminar. A video for each section of the notes is given. There is a structure to learning with retention, and Nik at S2 presents the curriculum in the best manner for online learning with retention. The consistency and professionalism of the videos adds to the ease of learning the content. The content is fantastic. Personally I loved the bonus section on multiple attackers. Where else or who else teaches multiple attackers in an easy to understand, effective manner. (No one). I used the printed PDF for personal notes including reminders and tips. Nik has such an obvious command of the topics that I trust his system. Looking forward to seeing more.

Tim Hill

I'm really enjoying the course! It is set up similarly to an online college course so you get the benefit of manuals and videos and then get to see how much you learn not only from practicing the drills but also completing the tests. Nik does a great job of breaking down the material into easy follow along instructions and also explains the logic behind it. I like that Nik teaches techniques that are practical in use.

Cindy Jacobs

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Course Overview
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Training Manual and Reference Guide
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Chapter 9: Additional Notes On Training
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BONUS: Dealing with Multiple Attackers
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