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Real World Training for Real World Problems

A cutting edge approach to self defense training and tactics taught to you in an easy, fun, and detailed progression.

30 years in training, 20 years of teaching, and thousands of hours testing.


The Leading Resource for Personal Defensive Tactics Training.

The S2 Online Academy is our online resource providing full featured courses in Self Defense and Personal Defensive Tactics to the everyday good citizen. We are adding an entire menu of our most popular courses, each designed to give you the most cutting edge training available.

Now you can access our training from anywhere on the globe, 24/7/365, and from any device with internet access!

About The S2 Online Academy

Learn Real World Tactics and Training in Self Defense.

The S2 Online Academy is a product of over 20 years of teaching, 250+ seminars given worldwide, over 100 law enforcement agencies, and thousands of clients who choose us as their preferred vendor. Our courses are filled with real world experience, and provide you with training that you can count on. If you want to develop a functional, usable, repeatable skill, then we have the solution for you!

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The Benefits of An Online Course

Access your course 24/7 from anywhere in world. Your training is available at your finger tips!

Save THOUSANDS of hard earned dollars in long term contracts at a local academy.

Never miss a class or a lesson. All the information is there for you to access at anytime.

Learn at YOUR pace!
Repeat any of the lessons if you want to review.

Train and Learn on YOUR time and schedule!

Not Just A Course...

An Entire Toolbox for Success.

Inside Each Course

Every chapter begins by explaining what you will learn, and why it is important
A full featured Training Manual that has in depth notes that you can study
HD Videos showing you every step, step-by-step directions.
Access to Live Video Q and A sessions and lesson
Learn techniques, tactics and training methods for solo and partner training. We give you everything you need!


Easily reached instructor that is always there to help!

Our courses provide many interactive ways to for us to connect. Our staff and instructors want you to succeed and are always available to answer questions, give you training tips, provide additional information so you can have an amazing learning experience!


Connect With Us Around The Globe

A community of great people that are available online to help you.

Access to our Closed Group Facebook page

Each client/student receives lifetime access to our all new Closed Group Facebook Page! Here we host Live Training and Q/A sessions every two weeks! You can connect with us here to ask questions, get training help, talk to other members, get exclusive articles and videos just for you, and be a part of our community! This is one of the BEST ways to boost your training!


Our staff is travelling the globe teaching seminars and speaking engagements on a regular basis. As a member of the S2 Online Academy, you’ll have access to public events as well as being a part of our MeetUps. We might be training, heading out for dinner, and other awesome activities that we want YOU to be a part of.

S2 Affiliate Groups

Want to set up a small training group? Or possibly join a local training group? We are now offering an opportunity for group leaders to host training sessions in your area! S2 Affiliate Groups will have additional access to us!

S2 Training Retreats and Camps

Want the ULTIMATE training experience?! We host training retreats where you can now join us for 2-3 days of training with our staff! The camps are held at one of our training academies, but the retreats might be on cruise ship, an exquisite beach, the Bahamas, or other fun places that we can make an amazing vacation while we train!

Meet The Founder

Nik Farooqui, and industry leading instructor

S2 Strategic Defense has a network of specialized instructors with real world experience. Our staff and network includes and hand selected cadre of

  • Military Special Operations Veterans
  • SWAT Team Officers
  • Fugitive Recovery Team Members
  • Rapid Deployment and Hostage Rescue Team Members
Nik Farooqui

CEO / Director / Instructor

My name is Nik Farooqui and I am the CEO/Director of Training Operations for S2 Strategic Defense. I’ve been involved with training for nearly 30 years and teaching for over 20 years. In my career I’ve owned 4 martial arts academies, taught 250+ seminars in 16 states and 4 countries, worked with over 100 law enforcement agencies, provide training platforms to corporate executives and Fortune 500 companies, been featured in dozens of magazines, and in simple terms…Teaching and Training is what I do best.

With an overwhelming request for my training and time, I wanted to design a platform to not only provide you with access to a few our most popular courses, taught in progression that is proven to work, give each student and entire toolbox of resources, and build a real community.

The S2 Online Academy took me nearly 3 years to design and implement because I didn’t want to just produce video courses with high speed information that doesn’t work, I wanted to produce courses that actually give my clients quality information and the right training methods for success. Afterall, you are taking the time and resources to learn from our programs, I owe it to each client to provide them the best information possible.

The core value of all things S2 Strategic Defense/S2 Online Academy is to always keep the client’s demands as the top priority. That means we can’t “entertain” you with training that doesn’t apply to your lifestyle, but “educate” you with proven techniques, tactics, and training methods that you can use everyday!

What People Are Saying

"I train with Nik and S2 Strategic Defense because I know the importance of quality. There are many instructors and courses out there but they simply don’t have what Nik has."

Dawn P.

"S2 Strategic Defense has been reliable resource for our agency. The training platforms and content has been an excellent revision to our previous programs. Our officers and agents have greatly benefited from the training we receive, and look forward to continuing our relationship with S2 Strategic Defense."

Sgt. Hallowell

"Nik has an amazing ability to break down information and express it in a way that we can all understand. It is obvious that he truly cares about each student and wants to provide them the greatest value possible. Thank you Nik for being such a great teacher!"

Julia B.

"One of the best instructors and best kept secrets in martial arts and self defense training. Nik’s no nonsense approach to training is the gold standard."

Sean D.

"I’ve learned more from Nik and his S2 training in one course than I did in over 3 years at a martial arts school. He was very concise in his approach to self defense and honestly one of highest level instructors I’ve met."

Bryan M.

"The S2 Online Academy is downright IMPRESSIVE! I’m blown away by the content as well as the complete-ness of each course. Nik went out of his way to give details that make the difference. What to focus on, how to train, mindsets, drills I can do alone or with a partner. These courses are the future of training for sure!"

Jeff B.