Training For Unarmed and Edged Weapon Self Defense

S2 Class Pass #2: FAST Self Defense 101 and Defensive Edged Weapons

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Everything You Need To Know About Self Defense Unarmed and With A Knife!

An AWESOME Training Package with TWO of our most popular courses! This Class Pass Includes Instant Access to our FAST Self Defense 101 and Defensive Edged Weapons courses. A hard hitting combo that will give you everything you need to know about unarmed self defense and how to use a knife for self defense! These are full featured courses that give you the science, techniques, and tactics to be an effective fighter on command!  You would have to sign up at a qualified (if you can find one!) training academy and train for 3 years to be get the content we give you in these simple courses! 

This 6 Month Class Pass is a great option for those who want to learn self defense in an easy, progressive, and fun way! This pack includes the full featured Premium course for our

  • FAST- Self Defense 101 (Unarmed Combatives)
  • FAST Defensive Edged Weapons Level One

Each course comes with:

  • 24/7 Online Access
  • Access from your computer, laptop, phone or tablet
  • Full Training Manual
  • Step By Step Lessons
  • Techniques
  • Drills
  • Tactics
  • A DEEP Understanding of self defense strategies
  • Access to entire community of people who have done the class here to help you! 

How It Works and What Do I Get?! :

The 6 Month subscription option is a great way to save BIG MONEY!! Not only do you get FULL Access to TWO Courses, but you also enroll into a community that will last a lifetime! You'll get access to our Closed Group Facebook page where we discuss training, tips, events, and host LIVE Training Sessions!

Once you sign on, your dashboard will populate with the Package Courses and you can get started right away!

When your 6 Month subscription ends, stay on board with our Closed Group Facebook Page for a lifetime! Interact with our team, other students, and our live training sessions for as long as you like! A great place to meet some amazing people!

S2 Class Pass #2: FAST Self Defense 101 and Defensive Edged Weapons includes these courses

FAST Self Defense 101- Unarmed Combatives
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Defensive Edged Weapons Level One
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